Nearly Christmas

We bought our tree yesterday, not that it is going to be put up until Christmas Eve.

If you read back through this blog to Christmas 2013, you’ll learn how that year we ended up with a tree so ridiculously huge that we named it Spruce Willis. With him started a tree trend that we followed last year with Spruce Banner – a tree of even more ridiculous dimensions than Spruce Willis, and that we are following again this year with a tree only slightly smaller and more svelt than Spruce Willis. We have named this year’s tree fella, Spruce Wayne.

L1150499The wonderful thing about Spruce Willis, apart from the fact he was a tree 100% too big for our house, was a secret he kept hidden all through Christmas – a tiny bird’s nest deep in among his branches that I found only after Twelfth Night. I still have it. The nest looked like this.


L1200271If you get a tree early and are going to keep it outside people recommend sawing a couple of inches off the bottom of the trunk and standing the tree in a bucket of water, like a cut flower, which in lots of ways I suppose it sort of is. So I unpicked the net the tree is wrapped in, just enough to cut of those few inches and there crushed and folded in the lower branches was another bird’s nest. What a special thing to find.


It has been a difficult old year for my family, and I’m hoping that nest is a sign of better things to come.

A very nice thing that has happened these last few days though, is that my lovely son, Jack,images wrote the script for a game that has just now been published on the game store STEAM. The game is called Doctor Langeskov, the Tiger and The terribly Cursed Emerald. It is short, free, wonderfully funny and a calling card for the game the studio is to release next year. And Jack wrote it. If you would like to watch the trailer, the link is here

Go on, it is worth every moment.

Maybe, that tree and that nest are already working their magic.