The Wrong Train

L1210214The preview copies of my new book have just been sent out to reviewers and booksellers, and now comes the untidy wait to see how well it is received, or if at all. So many new books are published each month that it feels like a competition in which writers, agents and publishers are all crammed into one airless little room all shouting ‘Look at me! No! Look at Me!!’ I really am not a big fan of that at all, but it’s a whole thing. Publicity departments work their socks off trying to find the ‘unique selling point’ of an author or a book. Me? I just like saying ‘come here and I’ll tell you a story that will make you not want to turn the lights out at night.’

Odd thing in the fence by window today a staining that I hadn’t noticed before butClYSmWXVAAAR0Dx looks for all the world as though someone has peeled the lips and nose from their face and pressed them into the wood. It’s quite disturbing in a small but persistent way and makes me think there might just be a story one day in something like that. I’m wondering too whether over the next few days the whole face is going to appear, and if it did that would be really, really, creepy.